A Major Player In The World Market For Hand Protection


Showa originated as a small Japanese company founded in 1954 by Akeo Tanaka. Fifty years later, it has become a major international player in professional hand protection.


Showa leads the market in its country with almost 50% of gloves worn by professionals and individual consumers.


The secret of its durability is doubtless that it has always relied on its own strengths to develop its infrastructure. Control over each step in the chain, from design through to marketing, gives it an expertise that is particularly recognized by its customers.


1960   Establishment of Himeji factory ( Himeji ,Japan)


1972   Establishment of Nibuno factory (Himeji, Japan)


1989   Establishment of Shorubber factory (Perlis, Malaysia)


1997   Establishment of Showa USA (Seattle , USA)


2000   Establishment of Showa Europe (Paris, France)


2002   Establishment of Penang R&D centre (Penang, Malaysia)


2003   Establishment of Showa Gloves Vietnam Co.,Ltd (Binh Duong, Vietnam)


2004   Construction of new Himeji Head office and R&D centre (Himeji, Japan)


2007   Acquisition of Best Glove Inc which is US second biggest glove manufacturer


2009   Rename Showa Best Glove, Inc. after the Merger of Showa USA and Best Glove (Seattle and Menlo,USA)

2009   Rename Showa Best Glove SAS after the Sales Consolidation of Showa Europe and Best Europe (Paris,France)